Prior to the Red Raiders 1950 season, Coach wrote an article for the Decatur Daily. In the article he listed 26 rules that, if followed, would make better football players, as well as better men, after school life passed on. They were:

  1. Each boy must develop a burning desire to win. He must feel that we are going to win every game on the schedule.
  2. He must learn to be unusually aggressive.
  3. He is in school primarily to get an education and all other factors must be integrated to this end.
  4. He must become resigned to paying the price – paying it in sweat and effort and sacrifice. There is simply no substitute for this. We limit practice to two hours and believe that boys will go at a faster clip when they know there is a definite limit.
  5. He must strive for perfection in his two hours of practice.
  6. There is no stationary period. A player is making progress or deteriorating.
  7. When he looks in the mirror he must take a critical attitude rather than one of admiration.
  8. He must learn to make what are really minor sacrifices – to stay away from town and movies and cigarettes and greasy foods, and above all to let the girls alone until banquet time.
  9. Listen when we tell him that success is necessarily costly – that the greatest value of football is the discovery that something solid must be exchanged for success.
  10. A player gets no more out of football than he puts in.
  11. Never, never, never give up.
  12. Our player must think in terms of team success rather than personal glory.
  13. Each man must concentrate upon his particular weakness.
  14. He must be in fine physical condition. If two boys are equal in ability, the one in the best condition gets the job.
  15. We insist in promptness at all times.
  16. Players must dress swiftly. Ten minutes is enough.
  17. Hustle. There is no substitute for that and never will be.
  18. When a score is made during a game we want every man on the bench to get up and yell.
  19. We want the players to never yell at officials from the bench.
  20. We tell our players never to be annoyed by a coach’s criticism. The boy should be worried when no criticism is made.
  21. It’s just as easy to say “Yes sir” as it to say “Uh-huh” and sounds much better.
  22. Profanity is absolutely out. It only indicates a lack of knowledge.
  23. Illegal tactics are never allowed on the practice field or anywhere else.
  24. Never alibi.
  25. Guard against putting anything off until tomorrow.
  26. No gambling in any way at any time.

Hap Halbrooks, Decatur Daily Sports Editor in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, wrote an article each week that appeared in the Sunday sport’s section. The title was “Hap-py Landing’s.”