In the year 1928, the football teams of Riverside and Central (Albany) combined and the head coaches of each school became the Co-Head Coaches, T.L. Kerby of Albany High School and E.L. Alford of Decatur High School. Coach Aubrey Fuller came to Decatur the same year as an assistant coach to both head coaches. That first year Coach Fuller made a name for himself! He was respected on the football field and he was admired by the entire student body.

Fuller-AubreyIn his second year, Coach R.D. Taylor became Decatur’s head coach and Coach Fuller remained as an assistant. He was becoming well known for his knowledge of fundamentals and his ability to scout opponents. The team liked him because he instilled

in the boys a fighting spirit that remains with them to this day. As his scouting skill developed, he became the quiet, behind-the-scenes leader.

Coach R.D. Taylor was replaced by a coach named H.L. “Shorty” Ogle in the year 1933. Again, Coach Aubrey Fuller remained as the assistant coach. This was the beginning of a Friday night legacy that will continue as long as Decatur’s young men wear the red jersey.

The late Coach Ogle (died in 1984) was head coach at the old Riverside High School, which later became Decatur High School, for 30 years. During that span of three decades, Coach Fuller, who died in 1982, was Coach’s right hand man. Coach Fuller played a very significant role in Decatur winning 210 games from 1933 to 1963.

Coach Fuller retired in 1958 after 30 years of coaching and 42 years of teaching. However, he is best known for his ability to scout the next opponent. From high in the stands, he watched, missed nothing, and recorded notes on the game program but he kept most in his head. He sought out the opponent’s weaknesses and strong points with the skill of an engineer. He returned and presented all the details to Coach Ogle at his home where they would develop the game plan for the next Friday night game. There was never any loud talking or arguments over the game plan. Quietly, they developed the game plan as two professionals who respected each other’s skill and ability.

He, Coach Fuller, loved the Red Raiders but he rarely saw them play on Friday night because his assignment was to scout next week’s opponent. He did get to see the last game of each season. The last game of the season was always his favorite because it was the only one he could watch.

In 1990, Coach Fuller was inducted into the Morgan County Sports Hall of Fame.